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Colorado SEO Company

Colorado is one of the few states where small business employs about half of the total work force in the state. So with so many small companies in the area how do you drive new clients to your website or company? The best solution is with a great local SEO plan.

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Local SEO can account for an increase of sales and new clients driven from online search. 

  • 93% of all local sales start from a search engine
  • 60% of all clicks go to the top 3 listings
  • 75% of users never venture past the first page

Our SEO services will help you develop a full internet marketing plan from getting found in maps, search engines to social media. As in today’s online world you really need to have a great representation in all three phases to really optimize for traffic coming to your company’s website.


SEO in Nebraska is a completely different animal. While some of the things that work in other locations will still work in Nebraska. A lot of them do not. The main reason for this is how people of Nebraska search. We have come across this with multiple clients. This is really due to a lot of the city names in Nebraska. This makes being a SEO company in Nebraska a little more challenging.

Being a SEO company in Nebraska we have worked with and ranked all types of clients. One of the big driving factors in Nebraska SEO is maps. With so many people coming in from out of town to do shopping every weekend. Getting to the top of local SEO and the maps is more important than in other locations. On average we have noticed 15% more visits to our clients sites via maps than in other locations. 

This can be a big deal when doing SEO in Nebraska. This little statistic is often overlooked or just missed. We even see more phone calls generated off of maps listings for our clients.

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Get found on Google Maps

If you read everything above, you know we are big proponents of getting listed in maps. Both Google and Bing maps can drive a lot of potential clients to you and your company. If you are needing help to get over the top in the maps section then feel free to call your local SEO office in either Colorado or Nebraska. As both locations have qualified experts to help you and your website get found in local maps. 

Getting in the “Snack Pack” of maps can increase leads on average 44% of searchers end up clicking or calling one of the top three listings. While 29% end up skipping the maps and going right to the organic results.

paid advertising accounts for about 19% of the clicks and 8% end up clicking on the more local results link. 

if you are looking to get found in the local maps section feel free to give us a call.